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Our mission is to support artists and arts education in the South Beach Area.  We offer low cost arts education, and free arts classes. 

Summer Classes 2016

hand building pot
rolled vases








Pottery Basics 1


Thursdays,  9-noon  July 7- August 11

Working in a well equipped clay studio during this 6 weeks course, students will  learn to work with clay using  basic  hand building techniques which will include pinch, coil and slab and decorating techniques including glazing. Students will complete several projects and have the opportunity to attend 3 extra open studio times during the run of the class to complete their work. Material fee of $25 will be collected at the first class and will include clay, tools and firing. Extra clay and glazes will be available for purchase.  Barbara Sampson, instructor. The class will be held at the new SBAA Clay Studio, 1200 Montesano, suite 201 Westport.  Schedule this class through Grays Harbor College.

Art in Miniature

tiny bird nest tiny bowl tiny elephant tiny mouse tiny plant pot

Saturday, June 25, 9- noon  and Saturday July 2, 10-11am
Enjoy a relaxing, creative morning creating a miniature art piece out of clay.This
workshop is for every level.  Instruction will be given in hand building techniques. The first Saturday you will construct a miniature object of your choice out of clay.  The second Saturday you will glaze your object.  This  workshop is being given in support of a special miniature exhibit Labor Day Weekend at That Summer Gallery in Westport. Guidelines for the exhibit will be explained during the first session. You do not need to be a member of the Gallery to participate in the exhibit.   Class fee is $20 payable at the first session and includes everything you need to complete your entry. Barbara Sampson, instructor. The class will be held at the new SBAA Clay Studio, 1200 Montesano, suite 201 Westport.
email to schedule this class.


1200 montesano

Spring Classes 2016

lamp base lamp base 2 Eves lampshade









Eve Adams is offering a series of classes which combine do-it-yourself techniques to reuse, and repurpose your home décor into works of art.

  • Eco-Arts Lamp + Shades 101
  • Terrific Tabletop Collections
  • Eco-Arts Nature-Faux 101

Refresh your home’s décor this spring by making your own furnishings new again! Bring your own shades, lamps, frames, mirrors and a range of small furnishings to mix it up— Learn new eco-functional techniques to Do-It-Yourself!  It’s  B.Y.O.S. = Bring Your Own Stuff!


Eco-Arts Lamp + Shades 101

*Play-Shop Fee: $25 ($10 Material Fee)

This class will be offered twice:

Wednesday April 20 —10:30 AM – 12:30 PM  with optional open studio 1pm-2pm

Wednesday April 27 —10:30 AM – 12:30 PM  with optional open studio 1pm-2pm


Beginner and artist alike will learn lovely artisanal light effects, from surprisingly simple techniques—Eco-Arts, an original new medium, transforms YOUR old lamp + lampshades into One-of-a-Kind found treasures, that are better-than-new(Limit 8)

Terrific Tabletop Collections

*Play-Shop Fee: $25 ($10 Material Fee)

This class will be offered twice:

Thursday/s, April 21 &/OR April 28 —10:30 AM – 12:30 PM   with optional open studio 1pm-2pm

 Thursday/s, April 21 &/OR April 28 —10:30 AM – 12:30 PM   with optional open studio 1pm-2pm


Students explore a variety of nature-based techniques, to create fine eco-art frames/mirrors + vases.

Interior styles range from Country -to- Zen and between— (Limit 8)

Eco-Arts Nature-Faux 101*Play-Shop Fee: $25 ($10 Material Fee)

This class will be offered twice:

Saturday, April 23 — 10:30 AM – 12:30 PM with optional open studio 1pm-2pm

Saturday April 30 — 10:30 AM – 12:30 PM  with optional open studio 1pm-2pm


Nature is the foundation of faux-stylings.  However, this workshop does not teach basic sponge or rag techniques. Wood grain, marbling, tortoise, and granite stone textural treatments are explored for small furnishings— (Limit 8) maximum furniture size 4 ft. high 3ft wide


*Optional, Open Studio/s—are a FREE Bonus, offered 30-minutes, after each day’s workshop.

 This 60-minute ‘studio-bonus’, encourages Play-Shop students to ‘fast-track’ project/s that day.            

example of mosaic glass

FREE MOSAIC Class in April. Dates to be determined.



knitting and crochet class Arlysa






Watercolor Basics 2 will be taught this February in Westport.

The focus of this 6 week watercolor class will be on painting both from observation and imagination. The class will include composition, color and negative painting. Students will also learn the basics of coastal landscape, its textures and colors. If weather permits we will hold at least one class on location. Please bring your watercolors to the first class, additional supplies will be discussed. Please register with Grays Harbor College Community Education Classes, item 9570(For ages +50) , fee is $37.05.  The class will be held at the South Beach Arts Association Community Arts Center in Westport, Saturdays 1pm-3pm, 2/6/2016 -3/12/2016, Barbara Sampson, instructor.
basket image2 for class basket image for class

The Pine needle Basket Class is planned for March 9 – 16 – 23. From 1 to 4 Pm to be held at the SBAA Center.  Cost of the class is $55.00 all materials for the class to be provided. Suggest Students bring small craft scissors and needle nose pliers.  To register for basket class, contact Barbara Inman  360 268-1369.  Class size is limited.








Botanical GREETING cards

botanical prints for free class

Wednesday, November 18, 10:30 – noon
to register contact
instructor: Barbara Sampson
class limited to 8
Learn to make mono-prints and create 6 beautiful botanical inspired greeting cards. Bring leaves to class or use those provided. All materials are included in this free class.







ornament for class

Kids, bring your parents and make colorful holiday ornaments.

Create  3-dimensional ornaments out of strips of colorful paper and a couple of beads.

Class will be held on November 21 from 10:30 to Noon at the SBAA community art center at 188 W. Ocean Ave.  Westport.  Email to register.  Class is free.




FREE SPRING CLASSES 2015 to support and encourage participation in Coastal Composite “art in a 5×7 format”.  All classes will be held at the Community Art Center


Explore Printmaking- Saturday March 21 and 28 from 1-3 at the Community Arts Center 188 Ocean, Westport.  Beginners and all levels of experience are welcome in this 2 session  workshop that will explore some direct printmaking techniques.    The workshop will cover basic design and a positive and a negative approach to printing. All materials will be included in this free workshop sponsored by the South Beach Arts Association and taught by Barbara Sampson.  By the end of the workshop you will have several practice prints as well as a 5×7 that will be ready for donation  to the “Coastal Composite, Art in a 5×7 Format” show.   This show is a fund raiser to support the arts and art education. It is sponsored by the South Beach Arts Association and will  be displayed at the Grays Harbor College Library Gallery in June and July.

printmaking 1


April 11, 2015  Zen Doodling

Zen doodles is a modified version of the more familiar art named “Zentangles”.  In this class we will create  miniature pieces of unplanned, abstract, black and white art from an ensemble of simple, structured patterns called tangles. The pattern combinations are boundless.  Start  Zen Doodle art by focusing on “one stroke at a time” and watch the creation grow organically into exquisitely beautiful art.  Many find the process very relaxing.  Drawing experience is not required!  Everyone is welcome.


Fiber Art Collage Class, May 2, 2015  Time 1pm

Participants will create a 5X7 canvas with imaginative designs fashioned from fabric, ribbon, fancy threads, snippets of sewing trims and laces, beads, cording, tulle, sequins, glitter, fabric paint, chalk, crayons, colored pencils, permanent markers, found items, buttons,  or perhaps a fiber medium you will find in the stash that hasn’t been used recently.  It will be your choice as to the colors you choose and whether you attach them via glue, fusing agents or blanket stitches, or couching stitches sewn completely through the canvas.  These collages are intended to let you express yourself through color and texture.

pic 3

pic 2 fiber arts      Pic 1






Beach Mosaics glass on glass in 5×7 Format  May 16, and May 23 1-3pm






Art with found and re-purposed objects Date tbd

In this fun class we will make 5″x7″ masterpieces [that can be taken home or donated, ]
We will provide everything you will need, but feel free to bring your own found objects! Think beach objects, nature objects, objects from your junk drawer, bead box, toy box, garage or whatever, but remember to think small  as our finished works of art will be only 5″x7″.

repurposed art






Barbara’s Landscape classes come to an end in March 2015 and preparation is underway for Spring Classes.

We finished the Simple Batik class and several students stayed late to get one more piece done.  We are trying to talk Barbara into giving another class!

We have added another Basket Weaving class which starts on  November 11, and goes for 3 consecutive Tuesdays.  the cost is $10 for returning students, and for new students, the cost is $10 plus $25 for supplies.

We will be announcing a Holiday Swag class soon!

fall classes

frans sock

Baskets from Nature’s Bountyjims basket


The SBAA is proud to offer a photography workshop with the amazing nature photographer Marlin Greene September 13 and 14 at the Creative Arts Center 188 W. Ocean, Westport.  We will be advertising to the general public beginning July 1.  This workshop will fill fast as there is a limit of 10 students.  Send your check made out to SBAA to hold your spot to P O Box 2643, Westport.98595
WESTPORT PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOP :: Nature photography — a magical journey
Marlin Greene / -Instructor
$50 members SBAA- $75 non members
The workshop is a combination of field trips for capturing images, and class
work with Photoshop for enhancing them. We will spend one full day looking for
magical images in the field and then another full day exploring how to enhance
Before we start the field trip, we will discuss the basics of digital cameras
with comparisons of camera types, sensors, image formats (jpg – raw) to help in
making an informed decision about what camera best matches your photography
goals. We will talk briefly about the cameras, sensors and lenses and each
attendee’s expectations for the workshop.We will go to several local areas for inspiration and experience in the field.
We usually have active discussion about all things photographic while we are
looking for that magic situation.We look for situations that make your eyes light up and your shutter finger get
excited. Then we go over the technical considerations that will enable you to
capture what you are seeing and feeling: light, composition, camera settings. Is
the subject clear and distinct? Are you in the right position?My goal is to help you see the magical wonder of the natural world and then coax
you to get the best possible image within the constraints of the camera and the
conditions. Every image is a compromise. We will discuss how the trade-offs play
in the creative process.DAY TWO – 9:30 to 5:00  — A COMPUTER IS NOT REQUIRED (TAKE NOTES)
In the Photoshop session day we will begin with the basic tools at our disposal.
We will look at how every digital image an illusion, an electronic
representation built from numbers in a database. We will see how the software
designers have created useful gadgets that we use to manipulate these numbers,
changing colors, adjusting light, altering composition, retouching, etc.Here are some of the areas we will discuss:RAW vs JPG – what format to shoot
resolution sizing and saving images for print and Internet
correcting bad exposure
enhancing shadows and light areas
correcting color
removing and retouching parts of the image
understanding layers
redefining the composition

2014 Fall Classes scheduled through Grays Harbor College and held at the:

Community Art Center 188 OCEAN AVE.  Westport WA

Beginning Watercolor  

This class is designed for the beginner and will teach watercolor skills and basic drawing skills simultaneously to build confidence in your ability. If you haven’t painted in a while and want a review, or are changing medias or have missed some of the basics this class is also for you. Bring pencil and paper to the first class. The materials list will be explained during the first class.

Beginning Watercolor
1:00 PM – 2:50 PM South Beach Arts Association Center
Days: Sa Address:   Westport, WA
Sessions: 8 Room: MAIN
10/4/2014 – 11/22/2014 Fee: $55.20  (50+)  $36.80

Simple Batik

Batik is an ancient process of waxing and dying fabric. This updated method is quick and easy using very safe materials. Bring a pencil, a piece of white cotton fabric and either a large embroidery hoop or cardboard box and pushpins to the first class.

Simple Batik
1:00 PM – 2:50 PM South Beach Arts Association Center
Days: W Address:   Westport, WA
Sessions: 4 Room: MAIN
10/8/2014 – 10/29/2014 Fee: $34.50    (50+)   $23.00

FREE CLASSES…2014  Thanks to a grant awarded by Shoalwater Bay Tribe



January 18                  Vision Board            2pm-4pm                Ages 12 and up            Jina Mackay

Want help achieving your goals? Wishing your dreams would come true?Then a Vision Board might be the answer!Your Vision Board will aide you in achieving what you want by depicting your goals and keeping them in the forefront of your mind on a daily basis; our conscious thoughts help to shape reality. You will use magazine words and images to create your individualized vision Board and we will offer ideas on how to use it to maximum effect. Feel free to bring photos, clippings, or images that will remind you of your goals, or use our supplies.
Then a Vision Board might be the answer.

January 26        Valentine’s Cards12-2:30pm                  Ages 12 and up    Connie Newto

Make a valentine’s card, and learn multiple paper arts techniques. The techniques learned in this free class translate to many different types of paper arts, such as card making, scrapbooking, art journaling, rubber stamping and even mixed media.
Fun and inky fingers guaranteed!


February 6                 Small Gift Box6-8pm                         Age  8 and up   Betsy Brock

Learn the basic design and cuts to turn a used greeting card into a small gift box.  Bring cards or card stock or select from our collection of cards.

February 20      Jellyfish Model        2pm-4pm     K-6  and parent    Marsha Gonzalez

 Ever see a “bloom” of jellyfish?
 Make a sparkling, colorful jellyfish
out of recycled clear plastic bags
and fast food containers. Learn
The Anatomy of a jellyfish, and
What makes them so unique.


March  5        Wire Wrap your name

2pm-4pm                Ages 14 and up             Joanie McKinney

 Learn how to write your name in wire.  Loop bails are part of the design and will make the name, or word ready to hang on a small chain.

March  8                  Call of the Wild    Marsha Gonzalez

10:30-11:30               k-6 with parent

 Dress-up an unfinished wooden animal, with paint and glue-on decorations.  All supplies provided.


March 15    Fabric painted Canvas Bag 11:00-1:30                           8 and up  Jina Mackay

In this class we will use a simple technique to “paint” a canvas bag that can be used in many ways: books, shopping, knitting, etc. there will be a small materials fee
(under $5.00) per bag.  Bring a hair dryer if you have one.

April 5                      Knit a dishcloth         10-12                         ages 12 and up Arlysa Hartze

 Learn the basic knitting stiches to make a small exfoliating cloth or dish cloth.  All supplies provided.

April 12     Getting ready to sell your art    1-3pm    artists and crafters   Barbara Sampson

 Learn how to market your work.


for printing:




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